So I’m pretty much the definition of new to blogging in every single sense. I’ve read a few here and there across sites, but never attempted to do any sort of my own blogging. Figured I’d attempt a shot at it, but not too sure what I will or want to write about. It’ll probably end up be ramblings of mine, general things in my life, and little odds and ends here and there.

For now I figured I share a little doodle I made ages ago to go with a song/poem I started writing, but never finished unfortunately.


This is something I doodled and written about 6 years ago give or take and what I had went

“Reach out and take my hand
I’ll take you to a better land
A place that’s nothing, just you and me
A place that we can forever be”

Which I know this is probably absurdly sappy and will make a few people go “ugh”, but oh well I wrote this in a different time and a different place of my life but figured I’d share.

The other one I wanted to share is something I wrote even longer ago, but still remember it to this day. This one I can say is on the darker side of things, but I still love it because it was one of my firsts.
“It’s cold to the flesh
It’s tearing away
Where it is going I dare not say
That cut goes left
And then goes up
The blood trickles, it’s not enough”

Welp that’s all I got for now, but if I think of anything else I’ll try to post it here.