So I figured I write a little bit about me, but instead of doing your usual paragraph by paragraph I’m just going to do bulletin points.

Also if there is any questions that a person would like to ask I created an Ask.fm account for that. Just simply click here

  • I have bipolar disorder and ADHD which can be a handful at times.
  • I was born into ethno-religious group of Judaism. I am personally no longer a religious person what so ever, but honor my heritage to a high degree.
  • I have glasses and wish I could get contacts in my eyes
  • I haven’t taken medication for either them in 8 years now, it’s a personal choice and I stick with it.
  • I have an extreme love for video games and basically everything else that’s nerdy. So stuff like comics, anime, and things of those nature are my pleasures in life.
  • My favorite genre of games I’d say is FPS followed up by RPG
  • I have hopes to get a degree, possibly double major, in Computer Science and Psychology.
  • With the degree, or degrees, that I hopefully get I want to pursue a career in Game Designing or Artificial Intelligence.
  • I built my own gaming computer, it’s basically my favorite thing in the universe.
  • I try to be a nice and good person to everyone I can, giving them the benefit of doubt, though it’s gotten me screwed over in more than one occasion.
  • I tend not to express my thoughts and feelings as much as I should which brings me to this place! Hopefully I’ll get some of the things that rattle around in my head out there.
  • Even though I love socializing and give people the benefit of doubt I am still cautious and a bit paranoid when it comes to people. I’ve seen both the good and bad our species can do and that bad is absolutely terrifying.
  • There’s some regrets I have in life that I will never be able to correct no matter what and while I know this it’s managing to live with these things I’m trying to learn.
  • I’ll also probably avoid revealing my name due to me wanting to keep some of privacy.

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