PCB Hearts!

So it’s been a bit since I’ve posted and there isn’t too much going on in my life other than my work. I’ve actually gotten two customers so far and they 5 I’ve recently created are going to be shown to them so they can choose which ones they like. I’m so excited and happy that something I enjoy doing is being remotely successful! Welp enough blabbering for now I’ll just show off the few pictures I have of the ones I’ve made.

Heart5a Heart5b Hearts HeartsA PersonalHeart

The very last one is my personal necklace that came from one of the first circuit boards I’ve stripped. The three together are necklaces I’ve given to my family/friends and they absolutely love them! Now the first 5 are my most recent ones going to be shown to the two customers so they can decide which ones they like best. I made sure to upload the front and backs of a majority of them other than the backing of my own since it’s pretty bland. On that note I’ll end it with a quote I’ve found that I enjoy.

Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one

– Friedrich Nietzsche

Keep Smiling,


One thought on “PCB Hearts!

  1. Heya! Where have you been lately? Did you delete Steam or something? I havent seen you on in forever. I just was your blog on these actually and wanted to know when you were looking to get rid of some of these. I still want one!


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