PCB Project

So I figured I’d upload a few images of the little bit of work I’ve managed to get done on my project today. I was so excited to finally start on it too! In fact as I’m typing this I realized I completely forgot to eat anything so far which I probably should do instead of type this up. Woke up to see a great selection of cutting and sanding pieces for the Dremel tool I am using, so as soon as I opened those up I got straight to setting everything up.

pcb imag2 pcb image1

The first two here are just me in my crazy setup outside, it’s crappy and wish the spacing was better but it suits my needs at the very least. Hopefully I can find or make a better layout for myself over the next few days that way I don’t have to stop when the sun starts to go down. These are also probably the closest I’ll get to posting full blown photos of myself. Also not the sweat pants, got to keep it comfy even when work haha.

pcb image

Now this is what I’ve managed to get done so far today. It’s the first one I’ve ever done and I’m really excited how it’s turn out so far. Tracing the outline of the image I wanted was thankfully easily, but I have learned I should probably let the marker sit on the PCB a bit prior to cutting it since it kept rubbing off. Unfortunately I don’t have any of the necklace make material currently so it’ll end up being a pin, which for it’s size I think will suit it better. I decided though out of the two designs I would start with, the other is a heart, that the keyhole would be my best bet. Well that’s all for now and wish me luck! Also if you have any ideas on other designs I should try out just leave a comment.

Keep Smiling,

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